Yu Yamauchi Photographed the Sky from Atop Mt. Fuji for 600 Days

 - May 31, 2013
References: spoon-tamago & booooooom
Most people talk about climbing to the top of Mt. Fuji but never do; Yu Yamauchi did just that and then decided to stay for 600 days once he got to the top.

Making the famous mountaintop his home for almost two years, Yu Yamauchi recorded his incredible adventure with photography. He took a picture every day at dawn from the same location. But the most amazing thing is if you look through his collection of images, you would've guessed they were photos from all around the world. Each one is beautiful in its own way; the clouds and colors in one is entirely different from the last.

It's amazing how something completely natural can still take your breath away in this technology-driven day and age. Yu Yamauchi's '600 sunrises atop Mt. Fuji' is a must-see for all.