This Infograph Lets You Find Out Which Animal is Your Ancestry

 - Jul 16, 2013
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Photoshop illustrator Matt Chase created this tongue-in-cheek Darwinian infographic to help you find out what your ancestry is and which prehistoric species you descend from base on your personal tendencies. The 'What Species Did You Evolve From' infographic is a comical way to see which animal you potentially originated from.

The infographic is set up like a flowchart quiz that begins by asking you what your favorite thing to do is. The answers are divided up by basic needs -- run, eat, sleep, swim, mate -- and depending on which you pick, your ancestry is determined. As the questions get more specific, for example do you like to eat meat, did you kill it to how long did it take you to kill it, you are lead to which animal you most likely originated from. From saltwater crocodiles to cockroaches, this species-originating infographic is a great laugh.