The Print Ads for the Young Director Award Feature Mocking Awards

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: adsoftheworld
In a campaign for the Young Director Award, fake and mocking trophies are presented through a print ad. Each ad has a pseudo-trophy that encourages film makers to "Be judged by the pros" and to "Submit your film for the Young Director Award."

Designed by Lithuanian ad agency Milk, the campaign implies that accolades from your friends and family are not the same as a real award. Along with this message is a call to action asking that aspiring film makers participate in the Young Director Awards.

Each ad features a different part of your social circle and why their admiration does not matter. The girlfriend trophy features the text "The fact that it impresses your girlfriend does not impress other girls." Milk's social media trophy ad states "Your friend's likes will take you straight to the red carpet. To vacuum it." All of the taglines make the point that you need a real award to be a real filmmaker.