The YOGOJI Keyboard Offers Wellness Enthusiasts a Voice of Their Own

 - Aug 6, 2016
With over 400 yoga, fitness, health and well-being smartphone icons, YOGOJI is the ultimate way to unleash your inner guru in texts/emails and quickly notate yoga sequences. The app's wide range of icons include every yoga pose it's possible to pretzel yourself into, hilarious text bubbles, health food and drink items, work-out apparel, yoga accessories and a selection of spiritual kitsch like dream catchers, crystals and bindis.

YOGOJI also includes a built-in Sequencing Notepad. The only app currently available to offer this, YOGOJI's Sequencing Notepad is the quickest way to plan, save and share your yoga class sequences. It can be used as a tool in your own practice, or to teach others. 

YOGOJI icons are also grouped by category: standing, prone, seated, supine, arm balances, backbends and inversions – and then by level of difficulty, making silky smooth sequencing a cinch. 

Finally, if you're really looking to level up and learn the yoga lingo, tap and hold any asana in the keyboard to view both the English and Sanskrit names. Select either one and it'll display with the YOGOJI for quick recall.