Yeti Hair to Be DNA Tested

 - Jul 29, 2008
References: telegraph
The Abominable Snowman or Yeti could soon be proven real. UK scientist have completed preliminary examinations of hair collected from a part of India where the mande barung as it is called there had been repeatedly sighted.

Primate expert, Ian Redmond said the hairs bear “startling resemblance” to similar hairs collected by Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary who later donated them to the Natural History Museum in London. The scientists used the most sophisticated microscopes for their examination and were not able to link the hairs to any known species of primate, bear or boar.

The hairs fortunately still had follicles containing cells. Therefore they will be sent for subsequent DNA analysis at different laboratories. Only after the results are revealed will the world know for certain where a nearly 10 ft tall ape-like creature exists.