‘Diamonds in Your Mind' by Paco Peregrin Reveal Societal Messa

 - Jan 29, 2009
References: neo2.es & fashionserved
‘Diamonds in Your Mind’ by Paco Peregrin is a fantastically surreal photo collection featured in issue 77 of NEO2 magazine. The Spanish photographer has been highlighted in Trend Hunter before, and I’m sure this will not be the last time.

The obviously photoshopped images show stark male and female models, scalp removed to reveal a tangle of coloured yarn as brain matter. Hiding within the wool are treasures such as a tiara embedded with Louis Vuitton symbols, gem-encrusted jewellery, Chanel sunglasses and fancy watches.

As the print is far too small for me to read, I can’t tell you what the actual intent is of the photos, but here’s my take: Our minds are packed full of potentially useful and creative substance (the yarn), but are clouded with materialistic desires for luxury objects. Hence they are just ‘Diamonds in Your Mind.' Have I looked too deep for a meaning?