Yang:Ripol Flat Zoo Toys Feature Few Bells and Whistles

 - Aug 29, 2012
References: fastcodesign
The Yang:Ripol Flat Zoo toys are an impossibly cute collection of critters that are totally planar in nature.

The designers at Yang:Ripol obviously think plush toys are a thing of the past, but who knew they could make thin wooden sheets shaped animals so darn loveable? Kids need only a rubber band to pair these animals up to create new species. By stacking these one-dimensional silhouettes on top of each other, they can potentially create an owl with mouse ears, or a mouse with penguin flippers. The simplistic and design-savvy toys are in fact highly customizable and encourage kids to use their imaginations.

It turns out that the secret to having fun in today’s day and age is not an iPad. Rather, it takes an intuitive designer and a plank of plywood.