The Xylopholks Entertain New Yorkers In Furry Animal Costumes

 - Apr 16, 2009
References: myspace & flavorwire
They play in the New York City subways to make people happy: the Xylopholks are doing something simple to help people avoid the stress of underground commuting. Since a lot of people have been laid off, the band believes this type of unexpected entertainment is exactly what New Yorkers needed.

"The Xylopholks are a dynamic group of musicians who mostly play novelty ragtime music from the 1920’s (featuring the xylophone!)," their MySpace page explains. "They do so while wearing furry animal costumes. The Xylopholks wish to make people happy and perhaps even dance."

Anything is possible on the subway, from guerrilla campaigns to art installations, but this one is very fun, and I am sure the Xylopholks will put a smile on a lot of people’s faces!