Simon Kwan's Kickstarter Campaign Aims to Create an X-Wing Fighter

 - Feb 13, 2013
References: kickstarter & nerdapproved
This hilarious Kickstarter campaign by Simon Kwan hopes to earn $11 million dollars for an X-Wing Fighter.

The initiative is a reaction to a similar controversial spoof campaign that hopes to raise about 31 million dollars to build a Death Star. If you have seen the movies, you will know that it took Luke Skywalker's crafty piloting in an X-Wing Fighter to take down the all powerful Death Star.

Both campaigns have already earned themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in support. The thought of a Death Star in real life has already stirred up some controversy with members of the United States, who have signed a petition to put a stop to this madness. Those responsible for the campaign have insisted that they set the goal high enough to ensure it will never be reached.