The 'alt. case' by mod-3 is Strikingly Different

 - May 16, 2016
References: mod-3
'alt.' is a new X-shaped iPhone case created by mod-3, a design start-up from San Jose. mod-3 also is the creator of the popular ultra-luxe RADIUS case.

Drop-tested and with a magnetic core, it mounts to many surfaces and even comes with a wall mount. The car mount is available for most cars.

mod-3 Founder and CEO Hendra says that the "iPhone is a beautiful piece of industrial design made of glass and aluminum. It's a pleasure to hold and interact with it directly. Traditional cases mask those design features and you're no longer able to appreciate your phone's beauty. That's why we created alt."

alt.'s design is simple, minimalist and modern, just like your iPhone. mod-3 worked tirelessly to make sure that the alt. case perfectly complements the iPhone it protects. Every line serves a purpose.