The X-Cube Was Created By Some Very Sadistic Individual

 - Aug 29, 2014
References: firebox & gizmodo
If you're anything like me, you probably have a very hard time solving Rubik's cubes or coming anywhere close to solving them, which is why the X-cube, a savagely X-shaped Rubik's cube, seems like an idea borne out of pure evil.

But if you're more adept at puzzles than low-puzzle-IQ individuals such as myself, you might just appreciate the X-cube. This sadistic toy is made up of only 52 moving parts and 102 colored stickers, but what obviously sets it apart from regular Rubik's cubes is the fact that there are 125 decillion possible ways to arrange it, or two quadrillion times more than a regular Rubik's cube.

What that means is that if you mess up the X-cube, you don't just have a mass of colors all jumbled up, but pieces sticking out in all directions. If that sounds like fun to you, you can pick up one of these for $42.