The X-Cave Street Sweeper Adjusts to Cover a Wide Range of Urban Roads

 - Mar 28, 2013
References: carlos-schreib & tuvie
When you've been stuck behind street cleaners, you've probably had the time to consider how inefficient many current machines seem to be. It might then surprise you to learn that the X-Cave Street Sweeper is a concept to replace them, embodying an unexpectedly small size and flexibility.

Carlos Schreib strove to develop a vehicle that could transform to match the various widths of different roads throughout cities. This way, only one model would be required, no matter which part of the metropolis requires a tidy. This was made possible by an innovative extending undercarriage that's accompanied by broad-reaching bristled arms. The X-Cave Street Sweeper brushes work in two directions, operated by a single driver in the compact cockpit.