Miracle Tablets For The Accident Prone

 - Apr 23, 2007
References: canawipe
Gadget-loving Paul took his beautiful wife, Angela, out to their favourite Mediterranean eatery for Souvlakis and a much-needed round of Sangrias.

After downing the first round of the crimson cocktails, Angela reached for the pitcher to refill their glasses. In a burst of over-enthusiasm, she knocked the canister over, sending a red tidal wave across the table.

Before it could reach its way to Paul's trousers, however, he had used his speedy reflexes to reach into his pocket and retrieve what looked to Angela like a small breath mint.

Was she ever mistaken!

Within seconds of touching the spilled Sangria, the little tablet had puffed up into a rayon cloth, big enough to soak up the damage. Just in the knick of time, Paul was able to wipe up the mess and save himself a dry cleaning billâ€"and a lot of embarrassment.

Kind of a putz yourself? Order your own set of the Wysi Wipes from CanaWipe.com. For $11.95, the Canadian company will supply you with a set of 100 little tablets.

The B.C. product received raving reviews when it was shown off at the Pacific National Exhibition this fall. The compact clothes are additive, alcohol and scent-free, biodegradable and tough enough to handle most messes.

Another wonderful Canadian innovation inspired by real life blunders. To all those who get teased for being klutzy, remember that life's little gaffes are often the spark behind novel creations.