WTF Level Measures the Amount of Swear Words on Twitter Real Time

 - Nov 25, 2012
References: wtflevel & designtaxi
WTF Level is an online monitor that keeps tabs on all the profane words and messages posted via Twitter.

Upon entering the Web site, an extremely startling siren is played to signify the level of profanity online, also known as the "threat level." WTF Level monitors Twitter live and constantly updates via line and bar graphs to illustrate the intensity of the inappropriate activity online. Using a color-coded system where green is considered most polite, which is rarely seen; blue as mild cursing; yellow as tirades; orange as expletive-laced; and red being the most profane. The site also categorizes swear words on an hourly basis to reflect which words were used in conjunction with which topics, another way to show what's trending on Twitter.