The Unstainable Workwear Collection Features Garments that Can't be Soiled

 - May 5, 2016
References: kickstarter & digitaltrends
Blemishing clothing while at work can cause quite the dilemma since changing might not always be an option; this is why the Unstainable Workwear Collection designed by Elizabeth and Clarke is ideal for everyday wear. The line of dresses, coats and shirts features clothing that combats sweat, smears, spills and scent to provide functional clothing that can be worn all day through all sorts of scenarios.

Living an on-the-go lifestyle can leave little room for carrying extra clothing, but sometimes accidents are just destined to happen. The Unstainable Workwear Collection is designed to combat a slew of problems that many conventional garments would be unable to. The garments are stylish and sleek enough for the office while simultaneously made from a specially engineered material that prevents liquids, sweat or scents from absorbing into the fabric.