The Woodpile Cabin Makes You Stack Wood to Stay Warm

 - Apr 10, 2011
References: archdaily & dornob
Most people envision cabins as a home away from home packed with modern amenities like cable television, hot water and Internet access. The Woodpile cabin turns that notion on its head with its ingenious low-tech design.

The Woodpile cabin was designed by Noa Biran and Roy Talman for the Warming Huts Competition held in Winnipeg, Canada. The design of the Woodpile cabin is really simple: All four walls are made out of wood racks that are then filled with wood, providing insulation and a constant supply of logs for the fire. Benches line the walls, and a wood-burning stove sits in the center. A metal roof with a square hole provides aerial shelter.

While I couldn't see people paying to rent this cabin out for weeks at a time, I could see it being perfect for day-long fishing or hunting trips. If you don't plan on visiting Winnipeg anytime soon, you can always check out the Woodpile cabin here. The pictures above are courtesy of Henk Von Pickartz, Brian Gould, Peter Hargraves, Dave Pancoe and Dan Harper.