These Handmade Wooden Trivets by QUAD are Practical and Purposeful

 - Mar 28, 2013
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When you're looking for something to place a hot pot on, there is no shortage of trivets to choose from; however, these handmade wooden trivets definitely stand out with their striking geometric designs. This beautifully designed QUAD Trivet is a simple handmade product that is manufactured in Berlin, Germany. It is a sustainable product that uses natural materials and local wood.

Unlike other wooden trivets, the QUAD Trivet is creatively designed with more than one function. Not only is it a safe place to put a hot pot, but it's also a beautiful and exciting design project.

This trivet is constructed from 16 wooden cubes, which move and bend into many different shapes and configurations. Other materials used include felt pieces and a flexible silicone ribbon, making this creatively designed trivet durable and long-lasting.