These 6-inch Wooden Heels Look Like Skyscrapers

Jeffrey Campbell took to architecture for inspiration when designing these extremely high, wooden heels.

The Nubuck Chunky Wooden Eggert Heels sit at six inches high and have a 2.5 inch platform. These sophisticated pumps are made out of real leather and the heel is made of wood. The straps are probably the easiest part of the shoe, as they are velcro, making shoe removal after a night of dancing pain-free. Instead of a flat edge supporting the entire heel, these shoes are designed unevenly so only part of your heel is supported, while the rest is in the air. The dark grey gives the pumps a classy look, while the cube-inspired design makes the shoes chic.

While these heels are absolutely stunning, make sure you're a heel-walking pro before giving these a go.