Hey Dude Shoes' Wally Flex-wood Style Helps to Protect Kiwi Birds

 - Jun 12, 2019
References: heydudeshoesusa & prnewswire
Hey Dude Shoes introduced a limited-edition repurposed wood shoe with an innovative manufacturing technique and a mission to support the kiwi bird and its natural habitat. The comfortable wooden shoe highlights just how existing resources may be used in place of virgin materials and newly harvested wood. A portion of the sales from each of the eco-friendly shoes will be put towards supporting the Kiwis, which helps to protect one kiwi bird for a year.

The new footwear style from Hey Dude Shoes builds off of its popular Wally style with a Wally flex-wood material, which combines comfort and an aesthetically pleasing texture.

Alongside wood, the non-toxic shoes are made with a real cork top layer and an insole that's free from animal by-products.