This Wonder Woman Bathing Suit Design is Strong and Sexy

 - May 23, 2013
References: amazon & fashionablygeek
Dressing like a superhero isn't only limited to the male demographic, and if any of you females want something nerdy and form-fitting to wear the next time you head down to the beach, then this Wonder Woman bathing suit design will definitely have people turning heads.

The infamous Wonder Woman superhero character is known for her strong female persona and her instantly recognizable gold and red exterior costume. The fact that Wonder Woman's ensemble consisted of very little actual clothing translates well when transformed into a bathing suit design. This modern piece of swimwear features the iconic Wonder Woman colors in a sleek two-piece bikini ensemble.

Featuring the red and gold colors on the top and the well-known white stars on the bottom piece, this Wonder Woman bathing suit is perfect for girls looking to strut their stuff on the beach.