Tes-Ted Creates Geometric Critter Trophies Out of Bent Black Wire

 - Nov 23, 2015
References: tes-ted & fubiz.net
Antoine Tesquier-Tedeschi is the founder of design studio Tes-Ted that produces these incredible animal wire murals featuring continuous geometric aesthetic. The wire is used to replicate the realistic look of an animal bust in a creative two dimensional design using the wire as the outline of the beast's visage. Then when mounted onto a wall, the wire sculpture incorporates the background's coloring to finish the piece.

The detailed murals are each made from black wire that has been bent to create curves, sharp angles and particular details of each individual animal. The wire is used continuously throughout the piece. Since the wire is used to create an outline, the mural becomes complete once mounted onto a wall allowing the colors of the background to future customize the artwork.