The Earth Runners are Sandals Made for the Winter

 - Dec 27, 2013
References: earthrunners & kickstarter
The Earth Runners are specialty winter sandals that can be used during the coldest weather. These sandals use performance wool socks and BioTac bedding for extra protection and comfort. The outdoor experience of living grounded to the earth makes you feel like you're walking barefoot with a protective shield. The custom-molded sole with zero drop from heal to toe are what create the foundation of the sandals to make the extremely durable on the feet.

There's also copper embedded conductive laces that attach to a copper plug on the bottom of the sandal. This allows you to stay grounded to the earth throughout the day, while still enjoying the luxury of high performance of the rubber tread. For those who want to wear winter sandals, the Earth Runners are perfect for all season long.