The 'Casa31_4 Room House' Receives a Much-Needed Revamp

Architecture firms Caroline Di Costa and Iredale Pedersen Hook worked together to create stunning window architecture in this revamped house titled 'Casa31_4 Room.'

The firms were tasked with the challenge of re-creating the house, as it's been around with the 1930s. According to DesignBoom, "the upgrade preserves the site’s history by layering fragments of the past with new components – scraping, layering and peeling the existing building." Caroline Di Costa and Iredale Pedersen Hook did a great job with keeping with the historical look of the place, while adding in modern touches. The folding screen windows are especially distinct, as they swing upwards as well as to the side, allowing for a huge gap in the side of the abode for a light breeze and light to get through. Photo Credits: designboom, iredalepedersenhook