104.1 "Real Radio" Contest

 - Apr 23, 2007
References: wftv
A popular Orlando, Florida radio station is offering to cover the costs of a breast implant surgery for the winner of a new contest.

The winner will be the contestant who can prove she knows how to party the hardest. For 30 hours, she must demonstrate through internet broadcasts that she knows how to have more fun that the other girls competing on 104.1 “Real Radio”. They'll be accompanied by radio hostess, Tiffany.

The radio station has aired similarly controversial acts, but this is the most outrageous to date. What she considers “partying” is up to her interpretation â€" and will ensure you're a lot of exposure when the women are broadcast live online.

Women auditioned for the Real Radio morning show, “Monsters in the Morning” and were asked a series of questions.

Why would anyone compete in a competition like thisâ€"unless she was utterly desperate for a pair of new knockers? “Just to be on the show,” said Jenna Stark. “It's the closest I'll ever get to being on The Real World.”

The show is sure to spark a debate; especially since Dr. Barry Kaplan, the doctor offering pro bono boobies, is on probation by the Health Department.

To watch a video of the contestants, follow the link: