Cablevision's Wi-Fi Mobile Phone is an Affordable Alternative to a Data Plan

 - Feb 6, 2015
References: nytimes & engadget
Instead of trying to get competitive by offering a data plans, Cablevision is offering a an all-Wi-Fi mobile phone service. In order to keep costs down, this phone only operates on a Wi-Fi network. An ideal device to use with this plan is the second generation Moto G Freewheel, which is designed to run only on Wi-Fi. Rather than requiring you to constantly connect to a network, this phone is pre-programmed to connect to Optimum hotspots and Cable Wi-Fi. Cablevision has spent the past eight years building over a million hotspots for its Wi-Fi network, in order to provide expansive indoor and outdoor coverage.

The plan costs $10 for users on Cablevision's Internet service, or $30 without an existing Cablevision plan. What this gets you is unlimited calling, data and text messaging, without being locked into an annual contract.