These Whiskers Can Help Navigate Obstacles and Obscured Environments

 - Aug 8, 2015
References: & gizmag
Scientists have developed robotic whiskers that are inspired by those boasted by animals like rats, other rodents and seals. These whiskers are capable of monitoring air and fluids and can generate images of otherwise obscured environments.

The whiskers measure around 15 cm long and 3 mm thick. They are attached by strain gauges at their base, with the system making it possible to track the movement of each individual whisker.

These whiskers may not operate exactly like those of animals, since there's no evidence to suggest that their whiskers help them create brain imagery, but the point is that they do help navigate obstacles and obscured spaces.

This technology could prove to be of great use in biomedical settings, such as in the performing of complex surgeries to help guide surgeons and their tools.