The Whatshisname ‘Masterpiece’ Imagines What the Future Will Bri

This Whatshisname ‘Masterpiece’ represents what is yet to come in the art world. The piece was created by Polish-born artist Whatshisname, who uses an alias for his art in order to draw attention to his work and not on his persona; his name takes inspiration from the Green Day song 'Whatsername' from their American Idiot album.

The mystery of what is under the cloth-covered painting draws the viewer in. The piece is simple in nature, but actually draws on an unexpected, larger, more insightful concept: the artist is attempting to construct the notion that the masterpieces of the world are yet to be created. He believes that there is a new generation of artists rising into global attention, which is an inspiring thought portrayed in this minimalist piece. From his thinking, it is clear that Whatshisname is also on the path towards creating one of this generation’s next masterpieces.