The 'What's Apple Actually Worth' Infographic is Overwhelming

 - Jul 19, 2012
The 'What's Apple Actually Worth' Infographic is a fascinating take on the company's gigantic estimated net worth. This char puts the information into layman's terms and understandable comparisons that are simply astounding.

With statistics like 4,952 really nice Greek Islands, 73 London Olympics and 2.4 of its competitor Microsoft, Apple is truly a corporate wonder. The uber-successful company has devoted its time to quality and design, which has led them to corporate superstardom. The price tag of $619 billion is a number so intense that it required some alternative way of comparing the actual worth.

The What's Apple Actually Worth Infographic smartly lays out exactly what can be done with this massive sum of money. Though most, if not all, of these extravagant purchases are entirely unnecessary, it's fascinating to see what the better half of a $1 trillion can actually buy.