'What the Phonics' Application Aids Pronunciation for Non-Natives

Momo Miyazaki and Andrew Spitz at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) provide a solution to pronunciation woes with their WTPh 'What the Phonics' Application.

Their installation is a diction aid for non-native speakers of the Danish language. With absolute utility in mind, they installed their devices on street signs in Copenhagen to aid tourists and other passers by with the pronunciation of street names.

They created this superbly helpful device by recording fluent Danish speakers saying the street names, and breaking them down into syllables. The user-friendly device provides karaoke style lighting above each word that matches syllables to optimize the convenience of the device. When people lift the featured speakers off the wall, the application begins to play.

With the amount of tourists that flock to the Danish capital, this device facilitates the mobility of travelers. This concept is so helpful that it should be adopted by more cities who benefit or are reliant on tourism.