The 'How Big is the SEO Industry on the Internet?' Infographic is Smart

 - Jul 9, 2012
References: bluecaribu & mashable
Search Engine Optimization is a key asset to achieving web popularity and keeping relevant content on the first page of any search engine results. The 'How Big is the SEO Industry on the Internet?' infographic takes a look at what people know about the SEO and how interested they are in learning more.

It would seem that given the results in the form of web pages pertaining to SEO and the YouTube videos on the subject, it is an area of interest for many people out there. Over 9.1 million people search for 'SEO' in a Google search -- meaning that the SEO is gaining more popularity than ever. This, in turn, means that web content is going to be more quality based results than ever before -- especially coming from the United States, Canada and India.