This Weather Rocket Aims to Unlock the Mysteries of the Northern Lights

 - Feb 20, 2015
References: & gizmag
A group of researchers from the University of Oslo are flying a weather rocket through the Northern Lights to better understand the phenomenon and use the resulting data to better predict space weather. Not only are the Northern Lights one of nature's most mindblowing and awe-inspiring sights, they also affect power grids as well as communications and navigations systems.

This weather rocket aims to understand how the coinciding of electron clouds with the northern lights causes interference to satellite and navigation systems. These occurrences are rare but can be pretty disruptive, making them important subjects of study.

This weather rocket is testament to humans' knack for finding creative ways to study the scientific and geographical problems that affect daily life. The Northern Lights may be astoundingly beautiful but they can also be disruptive, so let's hope this Norwegian project helps figure out how to mitigate the latter.