The Tarabrella is a Smart Umbrella with a Multitude of Functions

 - Jun 1, 2016
References: indiegogo & cnet
This weather-forecasting umbrella is unique and could be helpful to those who tend to lose their umbrellas regularly.

The weather-forecasting umbrella alerts the user about whether they should take an umbrella out with them by displaying three different symbols -- a blue for "rainy," a white for "sunny" and one that alternates between the two to represent "cloudy." The umbrella also has a variety of other features including a very lightweight "ergonomic design handle," an LED light and an anti-loss tracker. The tracker could prove particularly useful since umbrellas are not items that are used often and are therefore easy to forget about and leave behind.

This weather-forecasting umbrella could prove itself useful for people who like their belongings to have a multitude of predicting features all in one -- including safety and utility features.