Flip the Switch to Get Your Daily Forecast with This Great Light

 - Sep 7, 2013
References: instructables & psfk
A member of Instructables.com 'Tall-drinks' went on a DIY rampage and created a weather-displaying lamp that works through Bluetooth. How does this work? In the simplest terms, a smartphone's current weather data is synchronized with an Arduino that correctly positions a piece of cardboard displaying the appropriate weather icon inside the lamp shade. When he flicks on the lamp the symbol glows showing the appropriate icon so he knows whether to dress for rain or shine!

It sure is a time saver when you've shut off your alarm twice in your sleep and your first bus comes in 20 minutes; you've got no time to check the news, but at least you have your weather lamp to save you some outfit decision-making time. It's just a start, but it's definitely a genius idea!