This Wearable Extinguisher Concept Makes the Equipment Ergonomic

 - Jun 19, 2017
References: tuvie
Traditional fire extinguishers are quite heavy and require both hands in order to operate them, but this Wearable Extinguisher concept aims to switch up how the equipment is designed to be used. Worn on the back, the extinguisher can be loaded with fire extinguishing cartridges in order to increase the amount of fire fighting that can be done by the wearer. The extinguisher is activated by simply having the wearer lift their arm and point in the direction of the flames in order to help extinguish them quickly and effectively.

The Wearable Extinguisher is ideal for firefighters to wear to help them clear their path as they enter a burning building to rescue those trapped within. The extinguisher is the design work of Zhang Mengbo, Sun Yuwen, Xu Kun, Zhang Xue, Li Mingzhe, Wang Yunlong, Qi Ji and Dong Jia.