The Watkins M001 Features Exceptional Corner Braking and Suspension

 - Apr 1, 2018
References: & bikeexif
The Watkins M001 is an extraordinarily engineered custom motorbike whose jaw-droppingly innovative design and effective functioning are appropriately matched by a high degree of mystique stemming from the fact that its designer's identity is not known.

Created by an engineer who goes by the pseudonym "Jack Watkins," the Watkins M001 features a hub-steered structure that allows it to offer exceptionally robust braking functionality when zipping around corners, as well as optimized suspension for an all-round combination of control and balance.

This custom motorbike also comes equipped with a pair of special twin exhausts and a bespoke, double-layered engine box that took the engineer five hours and over 80 screws to assemble.

With an engineering ethos that gives it a stunning appearance as well as an impressive riding experience, the Watkins M001 is an example of out-of-the-box engineering being boldly applied to motorbike design.

Image Credit: Maciej Bejma Fotografiapy