Waterwheel Washing Machine Proposes Natural Power for Cleaning

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: english.swjtu.edu.cn & red-dot.sg
In the long run, something like the Waterwheel Washing Machine can greatly reduce the labor of people as they carry out their domestic duties. Designed by Huang Tao, Zhong Ce, Jin Ronghao and Zhang Yixin of Southwest Jiaotong University, the contraption takes inspiration from early forms of nature-harnessing technologies as an efficient means for villagers to simplify their lives.

One of the 'Best of the Best' concepts within the 2013 Red Dot Design Awards, this riverside turbine could be made fairly cheaply out of wood and installed along creeks and streams to service inhabitants of remote towns in places like China. Three thick spokes could be integrated into the Waterwheel Washing Machine, separating it into a trio of compartments to enable multiple families to passively do their laundry in each at once.