The Touch 1k is Marketed as the "Last Flashlight You'll Ever Need"

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: setatec & indiegogo
The Touch 1K is a waterproof flashlight that comes equipped with a variety of other useful features that make it incredibly durable, bright, accessible, comfortable to hold and easy to travel with.

Although the Touch 1K is small, the device packs a lot of power, making it the perfect companion for outdoor travel or just about any emergency situation. In order to ensure that the waterproof flashlights are highly functional, SetaTec, a company that's based in Salt Lake City, Utah, thought of every problem that could occur.

With this, the company made the Touch 1K able to be held in one hand and turned on with a touch-sensitive button. With its compact build, the device can be carried along with ease and its impressive battery life ensures that consumers are never left in the dark. What's most unique about the flashlight is perhaps its ability to charge mobile devices, giving phones enough power to contact help if necessary.