'Slo' by David Touzain Ensures Watering Plants is Quick and Effective

 - Dec 3, 2016
References: blog-espritdesign & homecrux
The 'Slo' by David Touzain is designed to make watering plants a task with a more hands-off approach to keep them thriving without having to focus on daily watering. The 'Slo' works by being seated in a plant pot with the plant growing up through the top. The sections of the 'Slo' are filled with water and slowly allow water to seep out around the roots of the plant.

Crafted from ceramic, the 'Slo' gets water directly down to the roots to ensure that plants are always kept well-hydrated even when you aren't home. The 'Slo' eliminates watering plants on a daily basis and instead only requires being filled every so often, which makes it great for busy people.