The Pecera Washing Machine Uses Robotic Fish to Wash Your Clothes

 - Aug 13, 2014
References: electroluxdesignlab & psfk
The Pecera washing machine concept design by Chan Yeop Jeong hopes to make detergent obsolete by replacing soap suds with robotic fish. These robotic fish will wash your clothes naturally.

Jeong entered the Pecera as a design concept project for Electrolux Design Lab. The Pecera removes the necessity for purchasing laundry soap by replacing the detergent with robotic fish. These man-made fish, known as 'Dofi,' are designed to feast off of dirt and dead skin cells. Much like the doctor fish known for eating dead skin cells, the robotic 'Dofi' fish will run off of hydroelectric power to clean your clothes. The Pecera washing machine has a fishbowl shape that complements the design of the robotic 'Dofi' fish. If this prototype becomes a reality, consumers could save hundreds on monthly detergent costs.