The LEGO Radiator

 - Oct 18, 2008   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: & gizmodo
For those of you who live in locales where winter will soon be arriving, Italian company Scirocco has a new toy-inspired radiator to heat your home.

The Brick is a LEGO-style thermally efficient radiator with a double plumbing connection that permits the blocks to be snapped together--just like their smaller toy counterparts.

Implications - Functional and aesthetic concerns don't always go together, but when a company manages to make it possible, consumers are definitely appreciative. Products like this allow consumers the unique opportunity to turn the things their house needs (like heating) into decor statements that are simultaneously fun, exciting and whimsical. For a consumer who isn't keen on an ugly utilitarian apparatus ruining their cheerful decor, innovations like this are very appealing.