The Wall Coaster Will Enhance a Playroom's Other Surfaces

 - Feb 9, 2012
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Toy room floors are hazards to the safety of anyone passing through. But the tears of children and adults alike may be reduced, should more games like the Wall Coaster Extreme Stunt Kit be relocated.

Sold through Module R, this collection of pieces is designed to be stuck to vertical surfaces with reusable adhesives. You could use the fridge, the wall, a headboard or any number of furnishings around the house. Funnels, cups, tubes and tracks can be arranged in various sequences to construct topsy-turvy pathways on which your marbles can roll.

The Wall Coaster Extreme Stunt Kit has its advantages over complex frameworks that become obstacles on the floor. And in many ways, this set offers more customization of configuration to teach kids about the laws of gravity.