Russian Artist Sofia Created This Beautiful Artwork Out of Old Peeling Walls

 - May 25, 2016
References: vk & designyoutrust
Russian artist Sofia captures beauty in unassuming things, using peeling walls to create her wall art.

The artist started an online community for people who were inspired by her work and the result is people from around the world turning what was once something unappealing into something new and artistic. From discoloration to drawings of nature, men and horses, the before and after shots of her work and those inspired by her wall art spark creative outlooks on mundane things. On one wall an image of a soldier grasping a sword was made from speckled stone. In another, the art featured a stain that was converted into an image of a sad woman looking to the ground.

By finding beauty in something as unappealing as old, peeling walls, this artist and her admirers are producing exceptional pieces of art.