The Walking Dead Board Game Takes a Combination of Skill and Chance

 - Feb 11, 2013
References: amazon & geekalerts
For fans of the epic show or of a great board game, The Walking Dead board game is a fantastic way to spend an evening with friends. Set up to follow the show relatively closely, participants are required to make it through various scenarios ranging from full-blown zombie attacks to food shortages.

Each player becomes a character from the show and then begins the fast-paced journey towards the end of the game. Starting from base camp, The Walking Dead board game requires that players leave their comfort zone and venture out for various supplies or on other, necessary missions. What comes about requires a combination of skill and good luck, which means that players are in for a number of surprises along the path. Up to six players can take part in the game, but there's no guarantee that all will reach the finish line alive.