Waiting For by Koty 2 is Femininely Romantic

 - Jan 7, 2013
References: portfolio.koty2 & fashionising
The photo series titled Waiting For by Koty 2, a photographer based in Poland, is chock full of quiet mystery and what appears to be unrequited love. A game of patience, model Ida Sayk sits prettily as she waits for her lover to arrive. Interestingly, the title nevertheless leaves the purpose for her patience up to the reader, hence the mystery.

Veiled in romance, as well as some strategically placed illustrations, Waiting For by Koty 2 is at once modern and retro. From the lovely tinge creating a pink glow over each image to the feminine outfits the dark beauty showcases, the vintage vibe is undeniable. Yet the styling is purely contemporary, courtesy of Rozena Grey.