The W Phonewatch from Kempler & Strauss Would Shame 007

 - Jan 7, 2010
References: wired
James Bond prides himself on having the most up-to-date tech, so maybe he has the W Phonewatch from Kempler & Strauss. This cool little phone can be worn on your wrist and it’s touchscreen! Seriously, this phone takes pictures and can even text.

The W Phonewatch is unlocked and retails for two hundred bucks. Those of us on Verizon can only watch enviously as you record video or text via your wrist. There are speakers and a microphone, but ideally the W Phonewatch would be paired with a Bluetooth headset for maximum gadgetry.

Look for these babies sooner rather than later and be happy that you live in the world of tomorrow where the W Phonewatch exists and anything is possible!