The Vusion House Racer Drone is Designed for Indoor Racing

 - Feb 20, 2017
References: explore-rise
The Vusion House Racer drone is the ideal gift to satisfy kids who like action packed activities even while being cooped up inside during the dredges of winter. The racing drone pack is designed to be safe for use indoors, with a compact size and safety propellors that will keep the house from being wrecked while kids still have an exciting toy to race around.

As consumer drones have gained popularity in the general public, with the machines entering the vernacular of more and more people, racing drones have been a profitable offshoot. Professional racing drone leagues have sprung up, and kids and adults alike are showing interest in the competitions. The Vusion House Racer pack gives not only a quick drone, but a set of obstacles as well, allowing kids to race like the pros without leaving home.