The V-Tex Drink Chiller Cools a Beverage in 45 Seconds

 - Oct 8, 2013
References: v-tex-technology & technabob
Recognizing that current methods to constantly chill beverages are an "unsustainable strain on our depleting energy resources," UK-based Enviro-Cool have filed patents for a beverage cooling device called 'V-Tex.'

Developed in collaboration by the U.K., Slovenia, Spain and the Netherlands, V-Tex is designed to cool a drink from an ambient state to five degrees celsius, or less in about 45 seconds. Intended for use both at the point-of-sales or at consumption, the cooler can chill cans and bottles in different shapes, sizes and volumes to different preset temperatures. According to one chart, a standard 330ml can can be cooled from a temperature of 32 to 5 degrees celsius in 0.7 minutes plus or minus 0.1 minutes.

V-Tex is able to reduce energy consumption by up to 80 per cent compared to existing technology, and will provide considerable savings for drinks retailers. The project is currently raising interest with Europe, but also within Asia and North America, and will one day look to be installed across several applications, such as in kitchen appliances, but also for domestic and commercial transportation.