'Bring to Light' Amplifies the VR Horror Game Genre with a Heart Monitor

 - Jul 19, 2018
References: redmeatgames & digitaltrends
One of the problems with the horror game genre is that avid players can become desensitized and even anticipate when a game intends for them to be scared—but the immersion that VR horror games offer has the potential to deliver the thrills gamers are looking for. To build upon this even more, 'Bring to Light' from Red Meat Games gives players the option to strap on a heart monitor for a more personalized gaming experience.

Bring to Light takes the form of a survival horror game for PS4 and Xbox One that challenges players to avoid the Shadowspawn and discover the mysteries of the Avatar of Darkness. Players who opt to wear a heart monitor during the gaming experience have the chance to have the game tailored to their own level of fear—as the game's artificial intelligence will increase the scare factor if one's heart isn't pumping enough already.