VR Gaming Levels Up With the Introduction of Dungeons and Dragons

 - Nov 17, 2015
References: altspace & techcrunch
Virtual reality has a number of important applications across industries -- from VR gaming to interactive real estate. While this new immersive technology makes video games feel more engaging for gamers, social virtual reality company AltSpaceVR is taking things to a new level by making a Dungeons and Dragons version.

The roleplaying game is already truly engaging for players, but the virtual reality component could totally transform how the game is enjoyed. Partnering with D & D publishers Wizards of the Coast, AltSpaceVR allows Dungeons and Dragons fans to play, even if they don't have friends who are into it. This is similar to other other online games, but allows players to interact in a 'room' by chatting, gesturing and seeing others' reactions.