Volet Vegetal Creates a Tiny Terrace for Upper Floor Apartments

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: barreaucharbonnet & notcot.org
The inconvenience of community plots means that they seldom make sufficiently satisfying gardens to many condominium dwellers. Volet Vegetal presents an enchanting solution to an unfortunate green-free lifestyle with a compact contraption that won't clutter your balcony.

Barreau&Charbonnet came up with a framework that you can mount against your windowsill and suspend by a pulley system, installed near the top two corners of the pane. A cluster of flowerpots can be placed within the trellis, into supportive frames that self-level on fulcrums as you angle the planter tray.

During storms, the Volet Vegetal can be easily drawn upright to rest against the window vertically, or detached and propped up inside. But most of the time, what you'll have is a lovely miniature landscape for your own private appreciation.